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Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP )

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Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) Empty Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP )

Post by Maxwell Eastoft on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:25 pm

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) Tumblr_inline_np0kxa4saR1tuh1ni_500

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) Nvbg3b
Full Name: Maxwell Hansel Eastoft
Nicknames: Max
Age: 456 ( looks like 23 )
Hometown: England
Current Residences: New Orleans
Species: Hybrid ( Vampire/Werewolf )
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Bartender/Former Nobleman

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Shoulder Length and curly, tends to be in ponytail.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Well-Built
Height: 5.8
Other Distinguishing Features: Some scars
Clothing Style: Casual ( varies )

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) 2lcutqr
Max in many cases is described as a man who can be in many cases a man who is very seasoned and a man who is good at surviving. Having been alive for about centuries, and has seen most of what life has to offer. Making Max a man who tends to hide quite a bit, and kind of has some sort of despise for whomever made him an immortal and thankful for giving him an everlasting life. That has been filled with him holding very good connections. The man is also in many cases very reserved, but reasonable.

A man who does not value harming others for his own benefit, and holds many of the beliefs of what he had from the middle ages. Max is also extremely intelligent, and knows how to get himself out of most situations. And hates anyone who tries to slide through life, and finds them to be nothing but bums. But he does not show his anger and knows how to control himself, and when it comes to being a hybrid he knows how to control himself. The man also is very brave and would do anything for those who matter to him.

Having been a man who had been held at great esteem for most of his human life. And for about a hundred years after he had been turned into a hybrid. The man does not have a hate towards anyone lower than him, and can often be described as being extremely charitable. But tends to only give two chances and when someone loses his trust, he tends to be not so easy to get it back.

Max tends to hold honor at it's highest title, and thrives to make the world a better place.

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) 9px5hw
Father's Name: Lord Edgar Gregory Eastoft III
Age: 488 ( looks like 48 )
Species: Hybrid ( Werewolf/Vampire )
Occupation: Former Nobleman/Traveler
Status: Unknown

Mother's Name: Lady Adelaide Gemma Eastoft ( nee Williams )
Age: 54 ( at death )
Species: Werewolf ( Untriggered )
Occupation: Noblewomen
Status: Deceased

Older Sister's Name: Lucinda Catherine Eastoft
Age: 459 ( looks like 27 )
Species: Hybrid ( Werewolf/Vampire )
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown ( presumed dead )

Younger Brother's Name: Marcus James Eastoft
Age: 452 ( looks like 19 )
Species: Hybrid ( Werewolf/Vampire )
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown ( presumed dead )

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) 4u6ssp
Max had been born as the second child and first son of two noble parents Lord Edgar and Lady Adelaide, both whom had been respected members. And had praised their son from a young age, and had often one could say had favored him for than his other siblings. Which led to his siblings to often be jealous of him, but growing up Maxwell had been taught to be the like most of his man of that day.

Having from a young age planned for an arrange marriage, which would abolished right after he was turned. Max for the most part had been raised like most noble children. His parents having told him that he was better than most people which made Max often resent his parents for that, but most of his life had been privledge as he had been sent to finest everything. And had been currently preparing to take his place after his father. Until his arranged marriage had been prevented.

Due to his suitor having backed out, and had supposedly compelled everyone to let her leave. Leaving Lord Edgar

Family Background:
( One decent sized paragraph about your family history )

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) 6fobvb

Maxwell Eastoft ( WIP ) Kit-harington-kit-harington-37049775-500-240
Maxwell Eastoft
Maxwell Eastoft

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