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Lexi Bronson

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Lexi Bronson  Empty Lexi Bronson

Post by Madison Montgomery on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:05 am

Lexi Bronson  4vHkOgo

Lexi Bronson  Nvbg3b
Full Name:  Lexi Marie Bronson
Nicknames: Lex
Age: 358 but looks 21
Hometown: Unkown
Current Residences: Mystic Falls
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Nothing for now

Lexi Bronson  20jiz9i
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style:
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Body Type:Slim
Height: 5'8
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style:

Lexi Bronson  2lcutqr
Lexi has been around for over 300 years. She has learned a few things. One of them is to enjoy life and have fun. She is probably one of the most down-to-earth and "normal" vampires a person will ever meet. She is also comfortable being a vampire and has no problem socializing with humans. Lexi was one of the few vampires who respected and even cherished human life. Her attitude towards humans is what partly influenced to mentor Stefan Salvatore, a then-Ripper, on how to feed as to not hurt a human. Her patience and her perseverance have helped many people over the course of her life. Lexi felt that as a vampire, life is too short to spend on brooding and dwelling on the past. Living in the present is her philosophy.

She had a very generous nature to mortals and a regard for human life. As mentioned she did drink human blood, but strictly from blood bags in hospital blood banks. Unlike Stefan when he ingested human blood she was able to easily control her innate bloodlust without murdering humans. She didn't hunt them or regard them as her playthings, but as equals. Indeed, she was in love with a human male named Lee as much as Elena Gilbert was in love with Stefan. Lexi dissuaded Elena's worries about being romantically involved with a vampire including her slowly growing old with him being forever young. She turned Lee into a vampire with his consent and wish. The only time in her brief time in the series she looked like she was about to attack a human was in self-defense when Sheriff Forbes and two other deputies captured her with vervain and were taking her away to a quiet place to kill her. As outlined below Damon betrayed and killed her to maintain his cover and to put the Sheriff's fears to rest.

Lexi encourages Damon to turn his humanity back on
Lexi seemed to have the healthiest attitude of all the vampires so far. Like Damon and Isobel she was totally comfortable with the fact that she was a vampire and craved and drank human blood with little thought about it, but unlike them did not harm humans and regard them as less than herself, nor did she feel any guilt about her existence like Stefan. It is a compromise Stefan hasn't worked out with his strict 'no human blood under any circumstances' attitude and emotional self-flagellation about the feelings and dangerous desires within him.

Lexi Bronson  9px5hw
Father's Name: Unkonown
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Mother's Name:Unknown
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Sibling's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Other Key Member's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Pet's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Lexi Bronson  4u6ssp

In 1864, Lexi arrived in Mystic Falls and met a newly turned vampire named Stefan Salvatore, who tried to attack her, not realizing that she was also a vampire. After discovering that Stefan was a ripper, Lexi took it upon herself to help Stefan recover his humanity and keep his addiction in check, and they became close friends. Lexi was good friends with a woman named Callie Gallagher during that time period.

Lexi found Stefan again in April of 1922, again he was off the rails terrorizing and killing innocent people. She got him on the mend, spending over a decade rehabilitating him before he was finally off of human blood around 1935. They maintained their friendship and would spend his birthday together every year, once attending a Bon Jovi concert. At that particular concert, unbeknownst to either of them, Katherine Pierce observed them from afar. Lexi had never met Katherine, though what she knew about her through Stefan, made her take a strong dislike to the older Doppelgänger.

1942 reveals Lexi was in New Orleans with Stefan. She knew that Damon was also in New Orleans, and told Stefan that it was time for him to make peace with his brother. After rekindling his relationship with his brother, Damon announced his intention to go to war with Stefan, but Lexi talked him out of it. She argued that once Stefan found out that Damon had murdered twelve innocent people without guilt or remorse, Stefan would turn to Damon for guidance about how to live that way. Lexi reminded him how badly it ended for Stefan the last time he listened to Damon in 1912. Damon reluctantly agreed and walked away from Stefan and the war.

Lexi tracks down Damon because his reckless behavior was getting him noticed. She told Damon that she had come to find him because she and Stefan had heard about his reckless murders as far away as Mystic Falls, and Stefan was worried about him. Damon wanted none of her help, but Lexi was persistent and refused to back down.

Over the course of six months, Damon played into Lexi's mission by partying with her and permitting her to try to rehabilitate him from his profligate ways. Eventually, he fooled her into thinking that her plan had worked, that he had finally flipped his humanity switch back on because of his feelings for her. Lexi, having grown fond of Damon, believed him, and they proceeded to have a night of wild sex.

The next morning, asleep on the roof, Lexi awoke when the sun started to burn her skin. Panicked, she ran to the door to get inside but it was locked and wouldn't open. Damon then revealed that he had played a cruel joke on her, reinforcing the locked door, and paying her back for annoying him for the past six months. Damon abandoned her on the roof, leaving her stranded in the tiny shadow of the locked doorway.

They would spend every birthday of his together, once attending a Bon Jovi concert, where they were, unbeknownst to them, watched by Stefan's ex, Katherine Pierce. Despite the immense love and support between her and Stefan, Lexi found Damon to be vastly irritating and only tolerated him because of Stefan.

In 1942 she convinces Damon that is would not be a good idea to ship out with Stefan to the frontline, that Damon would be a bad influence to Stefan and he could slip into ripper mode again.

Lexi visits Stefan for his birthday. That night while she is sleeping in one of the guest rooms Damon comes and surprises her. She is immediately irritated and tries to avoid him to no avail. Damon asks how long she will be in town and Lexi replies just for the duration of Stefan's birthday. Damon continues to annoy Lexi and asks her why she is so mean to him. Lexi replies it's because he himself is not a nice person.

Damon explains he is the way he is because he is a vampire. Lexi shoots down his explanation by saying that he is only the bad parts of being a vampire. Damon jokingly asks her to teach him to be good. Lexi responds by violently pinning him to the bed in a powerful chokehold. She replies angrily that she is older and stronger than him and threatens Damon to not ruin her visit with Stefan because if he does she will hurt him. Damon quickly backtracks and says that he won't. Later on, in order to protect himself and Stefan, Damon reveals Lexi as a vampire, and kills her, shocking her.

during 1977 in NYC, Lexi told Damon that Stefan sent her and she would be sticking around. Damon and Lexi partied, drunk and fed together for roughly six months but every night Lexi would ask Damon about Katherine, trying to make him remember to love as he did when he asked her to help Stefan in 1864.

Damon mentioned he no longer loved Katherine and that had fallen for Lexi thus flipping his humanity switch on. Damon and Lexi ended up sleeping together. The next morning the sun came up and Lexi started to burn, she ran to the door but couldn't open it. Damon told her he rigged the door during the night so she couldn't get in then revealing he used her and didn't care about her. This was his payment for the past six months of Lexi's "help", then he runs off leaving her behind.

Since things haven't been the greatest between her and Damon. There were many times when he would try to kill her. But she always managed tot find a way out of the messes. But she always tries to manged to spend time with Stefan. But right now that was impossible. As he was missing and she was sure it was because of something Damon did.

Family Background:

Although not much is known about her, Lexi was born around 1659 and became a vampire at the age of 21 under unknown circumstances. According to Stefan's Diaries, Lexi had a younger brother and she had been taking care of him since their parents died. One day, Lexi was changed into a vampire by a man she met who asked her if she wanted to live forever so she could take care of her brother. So she became a vampire, and eventually, her brother was killed when villagers who were suspicious since Lexi never grew older. They set her cottage on fire, trying to kill Lexi but she escaped. Her brother, however, didn't; he was only 16 years old.

Lexi Bronson  6fobvb
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Lexi Bronson  Empty Re: Lexi Bronson

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