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Kol drop the steak and nobody has to get hurt ( Kol)

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Kol drop the steak and nobody has to get hurt ( Kol)

Post by Ashton Grey on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:41 pm

Ashton stomach was growling, which meant that it was time to eat. That she when she decided to go to the kitchen. And there was a steak that had her name written all over it. Knowing the Damon would be off doing something. Which really didn't bother her or she didn't really care. So she was skipping the whole way to the kitchen. And she was also singing a small song that was making her happy.

“I'm a going to the kitchen.
I'm a going to the kitchen now
Because there a steak with my name
And Damon ain't around to see my gain
So I'm a going to the kitchen now.”

She was so glad that she was sure that she had a steak. But she knew that there were other people in the boarding house. But everybody knew that they were her treat. And that meant no touchie. Making a weretiger mad wasn't going to be the highlight of the day. That was until she reached the kitchen and seen that Kol was standing there.

And if look could kill, she would be dead again. Ashton was sure that he was already dead because he was a vampire. But he was holding Ashton rare, juicy steak which was a treat meant for her. Damn Kol wasn't going to stop Ashton from getting what was hers. “ I am going to give you five seconds to place that back into the fridge and I swear I won't hurt you.” Kol was going to come between her and her steak. Which really wasn't a good place to be in. Because when the tiger would come out. Now she was just waiting for him to stop holding and teasing her with it.
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