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Damian Grey

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Damian Grey Empty Damian Grey

Post by Damian Grey on Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:49 pm

Damian Grey DWR6P
Damian Grey Nvbg3b
Full Name: Damian Lee Grey
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 16
Hometown: India
Current Residences:Mystic Falls
Species: Shifter
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexua
Occupation: Student

Damian Grey 20jiz9i
Hair Color:Light Bown
Hair Style:
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type:Slim
Height: 6'0
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style:

Damian Grey 2lcutqr
Damien is a perfect gentleman. One that anybody would be proud to take him home to meet their parents. And it was because how he was raise. He was the more outgoing type. He was one that could make friends at the drop of a hat. As shy was something that he wasn't. But their was times when he could be sarcastic. And always making jokes to make people laugh. And it is a way to make others feel better. But also help lighten the mood.

He was way different than his sister. Who was shy as he wasn't. But he knew that wasn't his fault. Even though he wished that he could change that. And they could have grown up together. But for know, he was helping his sister with her problems. And it was nice that there were so many people at the school. And it seemed like everybody was different. So he was being a social butterfly.

Damian Grey 9px5hw
Father's Name: Robert Grey
Status: Dead

Mother's Name: Emma Grey

Sibling's Name: Ashton Grey
Species: Shifter
Status: ( Living or Deceased ) Alive

Other Key Member's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Pet's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )
Damian Grey 4u6ssp
Damian had an interesting life. After he was separated from his parents a little sister. But his adopted parents were Jasmin and Eric Williams. Since they couldn't have any children, he was their only child. He had gone to a normal school. And was fitting in even if he was a weretiger. When his parents learned they were shocked. But they learned to accept that he was a shifter. Even though when he would change, it would be in the basement. Because they were scared that someone would see a Bengal tiger and think it was from the zoo. Which didn't bother Damian cause he knew that his parents loved him like their own.

When he got Caroline's letter he was thrilled. And of course, he told his parents about the school. Which they felt that it was best for their son. Since they learned that he had a younger sibling. But Damian knew that they would always be his parents and family. Since they raised him from when he was little. Now he was ready to start a new chapter with his sister. Even though he learned that she was someone pet. Vampires thought that they could just take a shifter as a pet.

Damian was going to be nobody pet. He is now attending Salvatore boarding school for the supernatural. As he would be with other shifters. But also vampires, witches, werewolves and whatever else there were. But at least he would be with his sister. And that was all that mattered to him.

Family Background:
Damian was born to Emma and Robert Grey. When he was born, it was beautiful. There was another weretiger in the world. A year after him his mother gave birth to his little sister, Ashton. But it seemed like everything seemed too good to be true, But it seemed like they all were separated from each other. And that is when he lost his sister and his family. But He then found a couple who couldn't have their own children. But they later found out about his wereiger side and still loved him. They accepted that he was supernatural.

Damian had a normal life. And was always thinking about his little sister. Hoping that she wasn't dead. He wasn't sure that his own parents were alive either. But he then received a letter from a Caroline Forbes from Mystic Falls. What caught his eye was that she was starting a school for the supernatural. But she then said that her sister was living there. He knew that he had to go. Which his adopted parents understood. But they were still family.

Damian has this charm about him. He was a perfect gentleman. And it was because how he was raised. He was sure that both of his parents would be disappointed if he wasn't one. But now he was going to spend as much time with his younger sister. And hope that he would be about to create memories.

Damian Grey 6fobvb
Enemies:" />" />
Damian Grey
Damian Grey

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Damian Grey Empty Re: Damian Grey

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:47 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

created by &gin in a jigger- at shadowplay and shine.


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