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Post by Bianca Visconti on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:27 pm

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Bianca Visconti  Nvbg3b
Full Name: Bianca Lucille Visconti
Nicknames: Bibi, little princess
Age: 14
Hometown: Verona, Italy
Current Residences: Volterra, Italy (Captive)
Species: Witch
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Princess of Italy

Bianca Visconti  20jiz9i
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: long and wavy
Eye Color: brown
Body Type: skinny and tiny
Height: 5'2
Other Distinguishing Features: none
Clothing Style: varies

Bianca Visconti  2lcutqr
Bianca is a kind and easy going spirit. She believes in everyone being innocent until proven guilty so she is one to trust others with all her heart until they betray her. She also has a fiery spirit where she is not one to back down from a chellenge that is thrown her way. She will face it head on without any fear and will not back down until she has won whatever it was. She always tries to make people laugh with her quirkiness and odd habits. She has a big secret she cant tell anyone, which is that she is a witch.

Bianca Visconti  9px5hw
Father's Name: King Emanuel Felipe Visconti
Age: 54
Species: Vampire
Occupation: King of Italy (Compelled by the Volturi)
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Queen Olvia Lolita Visconti
Age: 52
Species: Witch
Occupation: Queen of Italy
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince Nico Victor Visconti
Age: 27
Species: Witch
Occupation: Prince of Italy
Status: Living

siblings name: Princess Camilia Isla Visconti
Age: 25
Species: witch
Occupation: Waitress at Mystic Grill
Status: Living

siblings name: Prince Marco Angelo Visconti
Age: 18
Species: witch
Occupation: Prince of Italy
Status: Living

Bianca Visconti  4u6ssp
Bianca is the youngest member of the Visconti family, thus earning her the nickname Little Princess. She grew up in Verona, Italy; hardly leaving the palace walls. She had a few friends growing up, but she mostly spend time with her family and the palace workers. She was homeschooled by her in palace teacher, Amelia who she became very close to and trusted with all of her secrets. She spent 14 amazing years being the apple of her parents eyes and the Angel of the palace. However, when she turned 14, she and her family were abducted by the Voltrui and taken hostage in Voleterra.

Family Background:
The Visconti are an old family that has been around for ages, and having held a very huge part in Italian nobility, and have been the current rulers ever since the seventeenth century. And have been known to have been a family who did not believe in anything that could exist outside anything being not human. And has recieved much hate for that, and could be very much described as greedy and corrupt, and that the things that happen were meant to happen.

In recent years though the family's belief's have changed for the most part. With now supporting the supernatural, and having blood in them of supernatural. But for the past couple years they have been compelled by the Volturi as being mere puppets to them, and have been support for the vampire master race. Even though some members are not fond of that policy, and many have tried to rebel against the family.

Which has led them to lose respect for the most part, but still remaining the royal family.

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Bianca Visconti
Bianca Visconti

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