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Audrey Fairchild

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Audrey Fairchild

Post by Audrey Fairchild on Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:45 am

Full Name: Audrey Marie Fairchild
Nicknames: ( if any ) Drey
Age: 15
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current Residences: Mystic Falls
Species: Angel
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual
Occupation: Student

Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Style:
Eye Color:Browen
Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style:

Audrey is much like her sister. As she was able to make friends where ever she went. But she knew that her twin could be shy. Audrey is used to being a social butterfly. And the life of the party. So it wasn't that hard to say that she was outgoing. Audrey was always thinking about others before herself. And was always giving, it was because of her big heart. Also, she had a deep love for music. And was always singing. Music was a way for her to express herself And show how she was feeling. As she didn't have that problem. She has a lovely singing voice and her twin is always encouraging her to learn more songs.

As she just picked up the guitar. It was true that she had the voice of an angel. Even though she was an angel. And it wasn't because of all of her good deeds. Aubury plays an important part in her life. As she loves her twin, who happens to be older than her. Since Audrey was always trying to protect Audrey. But it was Audrey who was protecting her sister. As she was very sensitive. Audrey is going to the Salvatore Boarding school with her twin.

There is a shifter that Audrey has become close with. And it was because the girl reminded her of her sister. And was hoping to help the girl become less shy.

Father's Name: Ethan Fairchild
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Mother's Name: Rachel Fairchild
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Sibling's Name: Aubuey Fairchild
Species: Angel
Status: ( Living or Deceased )Living

Other Key Member's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Pet's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Audrey is the daughter of Ethan and Rachal Fairchild. She is also the younger twin of Aubuey. Her childhood was normal. Well normal as it could be at least. She and her twin were angels. And it isn't the saying “ Oh you are sweet as an angel or being super nice.” Audrey was an angel. She was put in school and was just like everybody else. Expect for the fact that she had wings. Which was something that never came out? And was always hidden. It wasn't like she was embarrassed by it. She just wanted to be normal. Even though she knew that she should embrace being an angel. How many people could say that they are on?

Right now she is going to be attending Salvatore Boarding School. Which she is really excited. And it is because there will be other kids who are just like her. She wasn't sure if there were other angels. But she knew that it was for the supernatural kids. So that gave her some hope.Audrey would be going there with her twin. Even though she misses her parents, this is the best for them. As she would keep in touch with them by writing letters. And this was a new adventure for her. Which made her excited.

As she was thinking about all the new people that she was going to be meeting. As she is from the huge city of Dallas, Texas. And right now she was going to be living in the small town of Mystic Falls. So right now she was adjusting to small town life. Which was something that she was going to have to get used to? But she knew that the town offered more than what the big city did. As right now she is a fan of stargazing. And it was something that she couldn't do back home. And it was because of all the lights from Dallas. And she was getting used to the weather. As she was used to all the hot weather.

So winter was something that she really didn't like. And it was because she had never seen snow. Something that she was excited to see. As she knew that it would be special. And she would be sharing this experience with her twin.

Family Background:
The Fairchilds were blessed with two girls. Aubrey and Audrey. As they are the twin that looks alike. But if you really know them you can tell them apart. Having angels for daughters were interesting. As they did them to keep the wings covered. So that they could live normal lives. But they were thrilled when they learned about Salvatore Boarding School. But it meant they would be around people who were of the supernatural.Even though Ethan and Rachel would miss their daughters. They knew that this would be the best for them. And there was always summer vacations.

Audrey Fairchild
Audrey Fairchild

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Re: Audrey Fairchild

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:35 am


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

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