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Brick House (Klaus)

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Brick House (Klaus) Empty Brick House (Klaus)

Post by Stefano Salvatore on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:04 pm

Stefan had been stalking Antonio for the Volturi it was the only way he could stay in Mystic Falls. Though he couldn't still have contact with his friends or his girlfriend which was really getting to him and was getting really depressed why couldn't he just shake the Volturi, Jane off his back? He needed to be free to be free of them all. He needed his family and his friends if he was going to survive another day in with the Volturi. Little did he know that someone was plotting against the Volturi. Also that he actually knew this person. He sighed as he caught a deer and drained it dry before wiping his mouth. He turned when he heard footsteps expecting it to be Jane. She was the only one who knew where he was at every hour, minute and second of the day.

Not seeing anything he went back the deer and skit his throat to make sure that it was dead before he took off farther into the forest.  He sighed as he followed his old path at least something hadn't changed. maybe he could get some normalcy back into his life soon. He heard another twig snap and his head swiveled as he tried to figure out if someone was following him or not. Stefan stopped and in rested against a tree. He had to see if someone was actually following him.

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Brick House (Klaus) Empty Re: Brick House (Klaus)

Post by Niklaus Mikaelson on Mon May 01, 2017 9:52 pm

Klaus had been enjoying being back in Mystic Falls, and truly been considering to stay for quite awhile. Even though he knew would take occasionally trips to New Orleans. The hybrid had known he could bare leaving his daughter in the hands of Hayley, she was after all a Mikaelson. Klaus had a feeling though someone had been here that could bring the man some joy with what the man could do.

He had known that some of the Volturi had been off doing business, finding runaway sires. The man was all to familiar with what was going on since the man had eyes and ears all over the place. Since he had his own business he had to take care of and soon something caught his smell. He had been walking, and could smell blood in the distance. Which was something Klaus knew he could not handle being around as it had been a matter of fact.

Klaus used his supernatural speed, as he soon went to find the location. To only find a dead deer, which had become suspicious to Klaus. Then things began to come together, as the man knew the only vampire who would at all be going after a deer had to be Stefan. There was no denying, which left and Klaus had soon took off as he soon found himself on a path, and in minutes he spotted Stefan Salvatore.

The man let out a honest smirk as used his speed to show up behind him, " Didn't expect you to be to Mystic Falls so soon Stefan. " said Klaus with a smirk.

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