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Echo Sheridan (WIP)

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Echo Sheridan (WIP) Empty Echo Sheridan (WIP)

Post by Echo Sheridan on Tue May 23, 2017 11:16 pm

Echo Sheridan
25 /  Human / Chemist/Drug Dealer

Echo Sheridan (WIP) Nvbg3b
Hometown: Helsinki Finland
Current Residences: Mystic Falls
Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Echo Sheridan (WIP) 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: shortly cropped basically shaved
Eye Color: Grey
Body Type: ( Skinny, Slim, Muscular, Husky, Etc )
Height: 6'2
Other Distinguishing Features: Tattoos covering 80% of his body, both ears pierced
Clothing Style: Long sleeves and jeans with combat boots while he is working. When he is hitting the town he generally wears a white muscle top, black leather jacket, and black ripped jeans

Echo Sheridan (WIP) 2lcutqr
Echo is rather sweet young man who tends to put other's needs ahead of himself. He will do anything for his family and to protect them. He is misunderstood often as he keeps to himself and remains quiet while in public but this is usually because he has nothing to say. When Echo is nervous he tends to rub his hand over his head. He usually can't sit still and is constantly fidgeting with something or another. At times he can be rather submissive and goes with the flow and others he can be rather stubborn and won't back down from what he believes.

Echo Sheridan (WIP) 9px5hw
Father's Name: Dresden Octavius Sheridan
Age: 50
Species: human
Occupation: unknown
Status: alive

Mother's Name: unknown woman (He thinks his mother is Primose Sheridan)

Sibling's Name: Esai Sheridan
Age: 27
Species: human
Occupation: lawyer
Status: alive

Other Key Member's Name: Katrien Blackburn
Age: 22/900
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Singer
Status: Living

Pet's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Family Background:
The Sheridan's are a among the wealthiest families in Helsinki. They even went back to the rulers of Finland though those records have been lost. Dresden Sheridan and his two sons are among the last known members in the line of the Sheridan's. That being said there is a lot of pressure on Dresden son's to wed and to have sons to carry on the name and keep the family name alive. You can say that they are a rather old fashion family who put's the family morals ahead of anything else.

Echo Sheridan (WIP) 4u6ssp
(Two decent size paragraphs at least.Think of how was their birth (was it difficult? What the weather was during their birth?) How was their childhood ? What sports school or activities are/were involved in school? Where did they go to college? What are they Major in?)

darren criss. @ shine
Echo Sheridan
Echo Sheridan

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