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Creatures of the Dark (WIP)

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Creatures of the Dark (WIP) Empty Creatures of the Dark (WIP)

Post by Jules on Mon May 29, 2017 1:20 pm

Vampire Lore!

Vampires are created in one of two ways they are either created by demons to serve them for all eternity or they are sired by one of the six known original vampires. For the second option the human must die with vampire blood in their system. The matter of death does not matter though it must be able to function and be more or less intake once they reawaken in transition.

Demonic Vampire Creation: One way is that the demon can create a vampire completely from elements found around them this can only e done if they are blessed by the devil himself. Another way is that the demon removes the soul of the human and replaces it with a part of their own. Either method the created vampire has one desire to serve the demon who created them no matter what even if it means death.  

Original Six Creation: The original six were created by the use of a spell that granted them immortality. This spell had only one downside they had to consume human blood in order to survive once it was complete. This created the blood lust of vampires sired by the original six.

The transitioning vampire is basically a waking corpse that is highly flammable and do not have the strength or stamina of a full vampire. In order to become a full vampire the transitioning vampire must drink a significant amount of blood (at least a sip) in the first 24 hours or they will die. The transitioning vampire is immune to most of the weaknesses of a normal vampire until they transition. For example they can walk in the sunlight and enter homes without invitation.  

Sire Lines
The Original Six Sire Line: The vampires who have been sired are linked to the vampire who sired them and are part of a line of sired vampires. This line goes back to the original vampire who had sired the one of the Orignial Six  known vampires. This link means that if the original vampire that started the line dies that every single vampire in that line will also die. The sire bond can only be broken by a powerful spell that was created by Davina this is the only way that a vampire can survive if their original vampire dies.

Demonic Vampire Sire Lines : Demonic vampire sire lines go back to the demon that created the first vampire. Unlike the original six sire line they are bonded by venom from the demon and not blood. Like the original six sire line the demonic vampire sire line can only be completely destroyed only by the death of the demon who created the first vampire in the line. They are however immune to the spell created by Davina to break the sire bond. The vampires in this type of sire line all have one desire and that is to serve the demon who created the first vampire in the line. Each demon can have several demonic vampire sire lines due to the fact a new line is created with each new vampire the demon creates. The only way a demonic vampire can be free from the line is if the demon grants it freedom though this does not go to the vampires that the freed vampire sired prior to being granted freedom those still remain connected to the demon. However any vampires that said vampire  sires after being set free start start a new sire line (see original six sire line for information on the new sire line)

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