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Reality is a Prison ( Stefan )

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Reality is a Prison ( Stefan )

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:55 am

Jacob had no clue how long he had been a prisoner, it seemed like forever. As he sat back in the cell, looking around the dark room. He had no clue why he had even been taken captive, what did he do so wrong? Thoughts crossed the twenty year's old mind. Jacob had been lucky that he was at least was not chained, he just was locked in some stupid cell alongside with everyone who the volturi had despised. He had felt empathetic towards him, part of him felt like he was going crazy.

The werewolf looked up at the person who was sitting on the other side of the cell, someone he had no even bothered to even get his name. But part of him felt lonely, as he watched and sighed. Walking around he thought about everyone who ever mattered to him, and if he would ever see the light of day. But before he knew it knew that he needed to take to him as he looked at the person he walked over to him.

Jacob let out a sigh, " Looks like were not getting out of this hellhole anytime soon. " sighed Jacob.


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Re: Reality is a Prison ( Stefan )

Post by Stefano Salvatore on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:34 am

Stefan seriously just wanted to protect Elena though how could he do it from a cell he had n idea. Sighing he sat with his back against the cold stone wall of his prison yet again he wondered how he ended up in this mess. All he wanted was to be human and live a mortal life with the woman he loved and not be concerned that he would lose control and drain her. True he could turn her but he didn't want to do that no he couldn't. He looked at the man who walked up and was talking to him. By his smell he could tell that he was a werewolf and well a prisoner as well. 'Since when did the Volturi take werewolves as prisoners?' Stefan thought to himself barely hearing what the other was saying though he did know that it was true there was no way out of here.

"Where there is a will there is a always a way. However With all the guards I believe that you are right it will take a miracle to for us to see the light of day again." He felt his finger his daylight ring it was gone well that pretty much sealed his fate without that he would die as soon as he stepped out in the daylight. He would have to plan the escape during night one problem he had no way of telling what time of day it was. "Name is Stefan Salvatore by the way. By your stench I can tell you are a werewolf . What is your name wolfy?" He asked the other.

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Re: Reality is a Prison ( Stefan )

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:19 am

Jacob had despised this prison and thought the last time he would see the Volturi was a couple years ago when he fought them, but instead here he was a couple years later rotting in a vampire cell. And wondered why in the world did they want a freaking werewolf as a prisoner, what true value did he have to them honestly. Then before he knew it he looked at the other guy in the cell as he finally talked.

" Yeah nothing is impossible I guess. And I know I am right, since these Volturi people are crazy. And it will take awhile for us to see the light of day. It would take someone who is brave enough to actually make his way to help break us out since they have eyes and ears all over I am afraid. " sighed Jacob. He knew that was the god's honest truth, he dealt with them before in Forks and now he was there prey to Italy.

Jacob could only just hope someone would save him, " Nice to meet you Stefan. The name is Jacob Black, but Jake is fine and yes to my dismay I am a werewolf. And no clue why they would want me in this god forsaken cell, when I have no value whatsoever to them, they only know the value I have I guess. " sighed Jacob as he was clueless and hoped maybe when he would released the Cullens could help him wonder what idea they wanted him for.

Then rolling his eyes " Future reference don't call me Wolfy alright. " smirked Jacob.


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Re: Reality is a Prison ( Stefan )

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