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Antonio Visconti

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Antonio Visconti

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:45 pm

Full Name: Prince Antonio Conrad Visconti
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 21
Hometown: Verona, Italy
Current Residences: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Species: Vampires
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: University Student

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Antonio hair is short and tends to be styled nicely.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Well Built
Height: 6.3
Other Distinguishing Features: Has a tattoo on his upper arm.
Clothing Style: Antonio tends to wear anything that he finds that can distant himself from the royal family. But will dress preppy when needed, but can be found in casual clothing.

Antonio can in many words be described as an gentlemen who cares deeply about everyone in his life. And would do anything he could for those who matters to him. A man who thrives on doing well, and wants to make a life for himself that was not being a royal. Even though he cares deeply about his family, but tends to thrive more on succeeding and likes to learn about anything he could.

He stands up for what he believes in, and tends not to stand back. And if it was middle age he would be a knight, since he loves the idea of chivalry. And he has a strong sense of justice, and once he was turned into a vampire. He had become someone who thrives on vengeance on the Volturi for turning him into a vampire. And has recently lost his humanity due to his family being taken hostage, and fled to America to pursue his dreams alongside with his sister
who had went to Forks while he went to Virginia.

Making him a man out for vengeance.  

Father's Name: King Emmanuel Felipe Visconti
Age: 54
Species: Vampire
Occupation: King of Italy ( compelled by the Volturi )
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Queen Olivia Lolita Visconti ( nee Savoy )
Age: 52
Species: Witch
Occupation: Queen of Italy ( compelled by the Volturi )
Status: Living

Older Brother's Name: Prince Renzo Emmanuel Visconti
Age: 31
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Prince of Italy/Heir to the Throne
Status: Living

Older Brother's Name: Prince Nico Victor Visconti
Age: 27
Species: Witch
Occupation: Prince of Italy
Status: Living

Older Sister's Name: Princess Camilia Isa Visconti
Age: 25
Species: Witch
Occupation: Waitress at Mystic Grill
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Prince Marco Angelo Visconti
Age: 18
Species: Witch
Occupation: Prince of Italy
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Princess Bianca Lucille Visconti
Age: 14
Species: Witch
Occupation: Princess of Italy
Status: Living

General History:
Antonio had been the third youngest son and third youngest child of King Emmanuel and Queen Olivia, and unlike his two older brothers he had no royal duties. Due to them having been the ones who would be the heirs to the throne, even though it was more so Renzo who had been taught how to lead a country. Leaving Antonio to be able to spend his youth doing things most normal children could do even though he would have lessons. Even though his parents had spent a great deal of their time training Renzo to be the prince.

Their relationship with their younger children they remained strong, as trying to make time for them and trying to give them best life they could. Although for Antonio the closest sibling bond he had was with his older sister Camilia who had been like the person he looked up due to brothers being too much trying to be royal. Nico had been the exception who had tried to be there for Antonio, but Camilia did the best at being their.

As years went on Antonio spent most of his life in books and at one point read every book in his parents library and had known their families secrets and their heritage. That he knew his mother had practiced, but refused to let her children know the truth about it. But when Antonio became a teenager, his mother began to teach him about the witch heritage which had ended when Antionio turned nineteen, and he had been attacked by some sort of vampire alongside with his father and brothers.

Which would led to Antonio leaving Italy where he would go and pursue his dreams. But when he got their he grew very vengeful, and had found out his parents were being controlled by some sort of group of vampires. Which led to him wanting to do everything to free his family. But was stopped when he was soon stopped by the Mikaelsons espeically Klaus which caused Antonio to despise him.

But has been currently trying to remain normal, with secretly trying to get his family back. As his sister had fled with him to America. And when Antonio and Camilia went to Mystic Falls they became apart of the supernatural and have been trying to get back what matters most to them.

Family Background:
The Visconti are an old family that has been around for ages, and having held a very huge part in Italian nobility, and have been the current rulers ever since the seventeenth century. And have been known to have been a family who did not believe in anything that could exist outside anything being not human. And has recieved much hate for that, and could be very much described as greedy and corrupt, and that the things that happen were meant to happen.

In recent years though the family's belief's have changed for the most part. With now supporting the supernatural, and having blood in them of supernatural. But for the past couple years they have been compelled by the Volturi as being mere puppets to them, and have been support for the vampire master race. Even though some members are not fond of that policy, and many have tried to rebel against the family.

Which has led them to lose respect for the most part, but still remaining the royal family.



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Re: Antonio Visconti

Post by Elena Gilbert on Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:23 pm


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