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Marques Bonaparte

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Marques Bonaparte Empty Marques Bonaparte

Post by Marques Bonaparte on Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:53 pm

Marques Bonaparte Xkp3tk

Marques Bonaparte Nvbg3b
Full Name: King Marques Laurent Bonaparte II
Nicknames: Marc
Age: 254 ( looks like 36 )
Hometown: Orleans, France
Current Residences:  Orleans, France
Species: Hybrids ( Sire to Klaus )
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: King of France ( Varies )

Marques Bonaparte 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short and shaved on the sides
Eye Color: Hazel
Body Type: Well-Built
Height: 6.0
Other Distinguishing Features: Nope
Clothing Style: Marc tends to wear anything that suits his particular wants. And can be seen dressed in suits which is something he is commonly seen being dressed in. Due to him having to dress up due to his king nature, but when he is his free time he could be seen in casual clothing.

Marques Bonaparte 2lcutqr
Marc in many cases is described as being an arrogant asshole, who is very cruel. He had lost his humanity a long time ago due to him feeling like everything had been taking away from him. Before he became an hybrid he could be a man who had been one who loved to socialize and talk to people. But had been one who had been arrogant and for most of his life used his title as a way to get what he wanted. He had been a man who had fought in the French Revolution and had been a very well respected man during his time when he was a werewolf. Having cared deeply about his family until the night he was turned into a hybrid.

When Marques first became a hybrid and found out he was immortal, he had often used it for his advantage. And enjoyed the idea of being it and could often be described as being reckless with his powers. But as years went on Marc had hated the idea of being a hybrid, and had wished he could have been a werewolf once again where he could live and die when his time was up. Causing him to soon grow a cold heart on the world, and having it out for the person who made him a Hybrid.

Although once Marques had managed to become King of France, his vengeful soul had slowly faded. Due to him happy that he had some sort of his respect back, making him a man who likes justice and those who have wronged him he tends to go back at them with full force. Marques can be also described as being extremely charming and well-read knowing just how to make sure things go as planned, and can be somewhat described as diplomatic. Even though he tends to use his charm and diplomacy as a way to get people to sleep with him.

Could often be described as a man who a ladies man, but in recent years his old nature is not the same. Due to him having gained back his vengeful soul and is a man who wants to see the fall of the Mikaelsons. As well as try to rule his country with keeping the secret of his current state.

Marques Bonaparte 9px5hw
Father's Name: King Gaspard Auguste Bonaparte
Age: 65 ( at death )
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: King of France
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Queen Seraphine Brigritte Bonaparte ( nee Valois )
Age: 455 ( looks like 47 )
Species: Witch ( unknown to him )
Occupation: Leader of French Coven
Status: Living ( Presumed Dead by Marques )

Younger Brother's Name: Prince Julien Henri Bonaparte
Age: 250 ( looks like 32 )
Species: Warlock
Occupation: Bartender in New Orleans
Status: Living ( Presumed Dead )

Younger Sister's Name: Princess Claudia Rose Bonaparte
Age: 247 ( looks like 29 )
Species: Witch
Occupation: Coven Member
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Prince Felician Bapiste Bonaparte
Age: 243 ( looks like 25 )
Species: Hybrid
Occupation: Prince of France
Status: Living

Marques Bonaparte 4u6ssp
General History:
Marques was born as the first son of King Gaspard and his wife Seraphine, and had been the heir to the French throne, from the day he was born. And from a young age had been taught how to lead a country from his French tutors who had thought of him as a boy who was a fast learner. Marques had spent most of his free time as a child playing with his children his age and often found an interest in reading especially Shakespeare. And often kept it a secret from those around him due to them thinking that a prince had no business in reading Shakespeare.

As he grew into his teen years, Marques had been a boy who wanted to be like his father. Who he had admired deeply and often found his father's free time being able to spend time with his father. But when he was about seventeen and his father had began talking about him possibly having suitors for marriage. Marques had strongly objected to it and had led to his father calling him a disgrace and ruining their family name.

But when he was in his twenties he had became a soldier in the French army. Which was something from a young age he had wanted to do with a passion. And had spent most of his life in the army and when the French revolution came around Marques had been a general. Once that ended Marques had wanted to spend the rest of life there until one day he met a man named Klaus who had met during his time. Who he developed a friendship, which ended in Marques falling for Klaus's tactics and became a hybrid.

And the transition process of it had caused him to have been medically discharged from the army, and that led to him having to go back to having been a prince like he was before. But after he soon decided to leave France to set to New Orleans where he would spend much of his time, and would not return until about a hundred years after. To only find out that most of his family's work had been vanished and there was no more Bonaparte's which has led to him to pursue different things due to no one knowing, but while he was in a tavern.

He had been reunited with his younger brother Felician who had been traveling once their family had been overthrown and their father had been murdered. Causing the two brothers to soon decide to make a life for themselves which would be for the next couple decades. After many years of traveling going under many different alias the brothers had finally decided to reclaim their family's fortune.

The brothers had returned to France in 2010 and had came back to overthrow the current family. Which was easy due to one of them being able to compel others. Which ended in the brothers being on the throne, after Felician had compelled the current king for Marques which led to Marques soon becoming quite pleased with himself. And for the past several years Marques had been doing his best to hide his identity on who he truly was which had ended when he had soon gotten a notice from someone talking of his mother and siblings still being alive. Even though Marques does not believe it for one moment.

Marques is more concerned with making sure he remains a mystery.

Family Background:
The Bonaparte's had been a family that ruled France for centuries and had came from the orginal werewolves, and had been known to make deal with witches. But had stopped the practice of dealing with witches, which ended in them being cursed with one day their fortune would soon be taken away from them. Which had caused the Bonapartes to often think of it as some stupid witch lore and had despised them. After that curse had been set on them, the Bonaparte had not been one to think of consequences and had ruled over France with an iron fist.

Even though once King Gaspard took the throne their family history had easily became tainted. Due to him having been said to have married a witch. Even though the only one who knew the truth of it was Gaspard which he would keep a secret. Once they had their first son who would the heir and would be presumed dead when he reached his thirties. Gaspard had kept secrets of the hereitage only letting them know of his wolf heritage. Which he would do for his other children.

But the witches prophecy soon came true, when Marques had went missing even though he had actually left to pursue his own dreams. The Bonaparte's would soon be overthrown, and it would kill Gaspard and the presumed deaths of the rest of his children. Even though the only who died was Gaspard, everyone else had managed to survive but two of the children had joined Seraphine with starting a witch coven that would be kept secret. But when the heir had returned after several decades to find out his family had been gone.

It would lead to the Bonaparte so called remaining members to want revenge, which would not be succeeded until the twenty first century. And once that happened the family soon retook their power, but having kept it a secret claiming themselves to be descendants of the Bonapartes even though they were actually the Bonapartes who would be the ones who their during King Gaspard time.

Causing them to be determined at attempting to keep their secrets.

Marques Bonaparte 6fobvb
Friends: Felician Bonaparte
Enemies: Niklaus Mikaelson
Marques Bonaparte
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Post by Grayson Cavanaugh on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:24 am


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