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Bryce Hayashi

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Bryce Hayashi Empty Bryce Hayashi

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:38 am

Bryce Hayashi 2n7gv0h

Bryce Hayashi Nvbg3b
Full Name: Bryce Shigeo Hayashi
Nicknames: ( if any )
Age: 17
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Current Residences: Beacon Hills, California
Species: Kitsune
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: High School Student

Bryce Hayashi 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Bryce hair is rather medium and is somewhat messy.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Well Built
Height: 6.3
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Bryce tends to dress casual such as jeans, shorts, t shirts, truly anything that he wishes.

Bryce Hayashi 2lcutqr
Bryce can be often described as a guy who is generally laid back not letting things bother him. Making him rather care free and free spirited. Despite his laid-back nature Bryce can often be described as being extremely athletic and very skilled at anything he does for the most part. But is not as good as his younger sister who has the brains and creativity that Bryce does not have no matter how hard he tries. Bryce loves to socialize, but finds it hard to let others into his life due to what has happened in the past couple of years.

He is also very much a gentlemen and tends to treat girls he dates with respect. Due to him believing that everyone should be treated right and when you love others you should not hurt them. Even though when Bryce takes things seriously he is good with justice and having a good judgement towards everyone. But when someone gets him mad he will go full force and make them think twice. And tends to be very vocal with how he feels, but is more laid back, but if something is not right he will make sure someone knows it.

Bryce Hayashi 9px5hw
Father's Name: Randall Ringo Hayashi
Age: 43
Species: Human
Occupation: Doctor
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Itsuko Yuri Hayashi ( Nakama )
Age: 700 ( looks like 43 )
Species: Kitsune
Occupation: Doctor
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Jasmine Kumiko Hayashi
Age: 15
Species: Kitsune
Occupation: High School Student
Status: Living

Bryce Hayashi 4u6ssp
General History:
Bryce was born as the first child of the newly married couple Randall and Istuko Hayashi both having been doctors who had been eager to start a family. And had conceived Bryce before they were married, but married before anything could be figured out that a baby was growing. But for his first couple years of his life Bryce had been the apple of his parents who had been cherished and had often considered the best thing to ever happen to them. When Bryce turned two his sister Jasmine which would end up being Bryce's best friend.

For most of his life Bryce had lived normal with his parents being his biggest supporters, and his sister had often overshadowed him with her brains. But Bryce did not care making him mostly slide through life as well as playing sports such as lacrosse and football. Although Bryce had been a huge fan of lacrosse and started playing when he was six years old in youth leagues. Bryce life had been great in his mind, even though little did he know his mother had been keeping secrets from them such as heredity.

Which would be found out when Bryce was thirteen when his mother told them she was immortal, which made Bryce not believe her at first. But when he saw his mother transform for the first time his opinion soon changed alongside his sister's who had been more believing then he was. When he was about fifteen Bryce had found out that his sister had the gene their mother had passed on to the both of them.

Having his first transformation at sixteen, which ended in his parents moving due to them wanting their two children to be safe. Which Bryce had been reluctant about but had learned to accept it, and the summer before his juinor year his parents moved to Beacon Hills a town that Bryce hated the idea of. Since the people just did not fit the people he was used to in Los Angeles.

Making Bryce wish he was back home.

Family Background: Randall and Istuko had met while away on some sort of doctor's convention. And had instantly grown attractive to each other. But before had been friends for about a couple years until finally managing to date each other and in no time had been engaged. Then while they were engaged Istuko had fallen pregnant with Bryce which had sped up the wedding process. But in the next year they were married and had a son. For the first two years they had doted on their son, and then had their daughter Jasmine.

Causing them to raise their children to the best of their abilities, even though Istuko had been keeping a grave secret which would later be found out. A gene that had been passed on to her children, which had led to Randall and Istuko having nearly split up but ended up moving to Beacon Hills to restart the family life. Leading them to soon try there best to raise their family.

Bryce Hayashi 6fobvb

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Bryce Hayashi Empty Re: Bryce Hayashi

Post by Grayson Cavanaugh on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:47 am


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

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