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Post by Jacob Black on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:53 pm

Jacob Black Jacob-black-jacob-black-24420428-500-281

Jacob Black Nvbg3b
Full Name: Jacob William Black
Nicknames: Jake
Age: 20
Hometown: Forks, Washington
Current Residences: Forks, Washington
Species: Werewolf
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Prisoner of the Volturi

Jacob Black 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short with Spikes
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 5.9
Other Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of his Tribe on his shoulder.
Clothing Style: Jacob tends to wear average clothing such as jeans, t shirt, and boots. But is currently dressed in rather dirty clothes ever since his trip to the Volturi

Jacob Black 2lcutqr
Jacob's personality changes throughout the books as he matures. In Twilight, he seems very friendly though shy and slightly sheepish around Bella, easily succumbing to her flirtations and worrying about how the Quileute legends will affect her perception of him. However, in New Moon Jacob goes from being his old, happy self to being sullen and temperamental. This is because he has now phased and is experiencing life in wolf form. In New Moon, his cheerful attitude is what attracts Bella and make her feel better.

He is one of two who dislike being wolf the most and wants nothing more than to be rid of his magical inheritance, but learns to adapt to the idea. When he first joined the pack, Sam wanted him to lead it, but he refused and gave the responsibility to him instead.

In Eclipse, he becomes a lot more confident that Bella is really for him - so much that he makes her realize that she does love him after all through means of trickery. He also seems to be somewhat rebellious, since he encourages Bella to sneak out to visit him and they ditch school so they could spend some time alone, even though just as friends. In Breaking Dawn, his personality changes yet again, to slightly violent and pessimistic, as he feels like Bella is going to die due to her unnatural pregnancy. He is ready to kill her baby daughter, Renesmee, until he imprints on her. After this and Bella's successful transformation into a vampire, he returns to his cheerful personality as he no longer feels the pain of Bella's rejection.

During free time, he enjoys rebuilding automotive vehicles, hanging out with his friends, and playing with Renesmee. He also has an interest in watching action movies and commenting on bloody scenes.

Generally, Jacob is very friendly, playful, carefree and caring towards the people around him. He would go to any extent to protect those he loves most, most obvious in Breaking Dawn when he disbands from his pack and sacrifices everything to protect Bella. He is also shown to be somewhat sarcastic, slightly obnoxious and slightly childish, and has a hot-headed temper due to his wolf side and highly dislikes the scent of vampires. He was also very hostile toward Edward, even before he phased, only because they were both in love with Bella, but they eventually come to terms with each other. After embracing his right as an Alpha and imprinting on Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, he begins to take the responsibilities of leading his renegade pack more seriously.

Like everyone else in his tribe, he had a prejudice against the Cullens and other vampires, viewing them as nothing more than blood-sucking monsters, but eventually warmed up to the Cullens and came to see them as something more than vampires.

Jacob Black 9px5hw
Father's Name: Billy Black
Age: 61
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: Quileute council member
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Sara Black
Age: 42 ( at death )
Species: Human
Occupation: Part-Time Artist
Status: Deceased

Older Sister's Name: Rachel Black
Age: 29
Species: Human
Occupation: College Graduate
Status: Living

Older Sister's Name:
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

Older Sister's Name: Rebecca Black
Age: 29
Species: Human
Occupation: Artist
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Grayson Black
Age: 17
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: High School Student
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Bianca Seline Black
Age: 17
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: High School Student
Status: Living

Son's Name: William Joshua Black
Age: 3
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: Unemployed
Status: Living

Jacob Black 4u6ssp
General History: Jacob was the oldest son of Billy and Sarah Black and had spent most of his life on the reservation. And had remained a close relationship with his family. Which would go all throughout childhood, and when his mother died his life for the most top seemed to turn upside down. With his mother having his two younger siblings and a year after they were born in a car crash, which meant he would be dealing with a single father for his life.

As years went on his sister had managed to fill his spot which his mother had been, and throughout that time he developed a close relationship with his little sister Bianca. And tried to be the big brother he had to be for her, and when they were older his older sister moved to Hawaii with her husband. Leaving him with his three other siblings. But as time went on his friend Bella soon returned which made him happy, but when he was about sixteen he had transformed into a werewolf. Which would be something he would despise for the rest of his life, and two years after he had a son with a girl he had a met.

And would end in his sister not being to fond of the girl or him, but it did not last long. Since once the baby was born the girl had fled with the baby. Which would end in Jacob being heartbroken, and about a year about that happened he had decided to go and find them, but soon ended up in being a prisoner as the volturi had tracked him down and took him hostage for them to be able to figure out his state, leaving him to be a prisoner to the volturi.

But a few weeks after he was captured he received a letter from his child's mother, and had found out that she was in Mystic Falls starting a new life across country for their son. And that she wanted him to not apart of their child's life, leaving him heartbroken, but often wondering if it was somewhat bewitched by the Volturi to make him feel like he was no worth anything, and leaving him with a determination to be freed from being held prisoner.

Family Background:Billy and Sarah could often be described as parents who cared about their children and would do anything,
and after Sarah had died Billy often felt like his children were the only thing he had left. And tended to care very much about them and was often over-protective of his daughters, but not so much his sons. But when one of his children went missing he had been determined to find him alongside his daughter to make sure his son was alright. And is currently searching for his son.

Jacob Black 6fobvb
Friends: To be added
Frenemies: To be added
Boyfriends/Girlfriends: To be added
Enemies:To be added
Jacob Black
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Jacob Black Empty Re: Jacob Black

Post by Elena Gilbert on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:46 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

created by &gin in a jigger- at shadowplay and shine.
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