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Stiles Stilinski

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Stiles Stilinski Empty Stiles Stilinski

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:26 pm

Stiles Stilinski 1zcikhs

Stiles Stilinski Nvbg3b
Full Name: Mieczysław " Stiles " Stilinski
Nicknames: Stiles
Age: 17
Hometown: Beacon Hills
Current Residences: Beacon Hills
Species: Humans
Sexual Orientation: Hetoersexual
Occupation: High School Student ( Senior )

Stiles Stilinski 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Messy and usually gel.
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Body Type: Medium Stature
Height: 5.10
Other Distinguishing Features: Tends to have moles all over his face.
Clothing Style: His choice in clothing leans toward pieces that are comfortable and casual, such as hoodies, flannel button-ups, baseball-style t-shirts, and slim-cut jeans with Vans sneakers or Converse high-tops. However, he has also been known for wearing active wear during lacrosse and cross-country seasons, such as Under Armour t-shirts and track pants with tennis shoes.

Stiles Stilinski 2lcutqr
Stiles' personality is most accurately described as anxious, hyperactive, and curious. He is a notorious bookworm who excels at piecing together clues and figuring out mysteries, such as the fact that Scott had become a Werewolf, the identity of the Kanima's first master, and the fact that a Dark Druid was behind the human sacrifices that were occurring in Beacon Hills. Since becoming aware of the supernatural world, Stiles' social and generalized anxiety has only become worse, especially after the death of his good friend Allison Argent, because he fears having to deal with the loss of any more of his friends or family as a result of their supernatural enemies. Because of this anxiety, Stiles can often become so overwhelmed by trauma that he both physically and verbally lashes out at those around him, whether they are friend or foe, as evidenced by Stiles tackling Scott after Sheriff was attacked by a Chimera, despite knowing that Scott, too, had been hurt (and, for a time, killed) at the same time, preventing him from saving the Sheriff.

Despite Stiles' anxiety and his increasingly violent reactions to bad news, Stiles is a very loyal person who would do anything to protect his loved ones, even if it means giving up his life to do so. This has only increased since he was possessed by the Nogitsune, because the amount of enjoyment that he got out of being powerful and in control made him frightened and ashamed of his darker nature, pushing him to do good to make up for it and to ensure that no one else gets hurt because of his actions. Stiles is slow to trust people, but once he warms up to them and the person gains his trust, he becomes very close to them and will do whatever he has to do in order to protect them and ensure their safety, as evidenced by his relationships with Derek Hale, Kira Yukimura, and Liam Dunbar; he was suspicious of them and their motives when he first met them, but, over time, after they proved themselves to be good people who shared the McCall Pack's mission of protecting innocents from supernatural threats, he accepted them as his loved ones and would do anything to help them, just as he would with his father or Scott, the two people he loves most.

Stiles, like his father, enjoys puzzles, and acts as the lead investigator for the McCall Pack in order to gain information and evidence regarding the threats that they face. For this reason, Stiles' intelligence is his greatest strength within the pack, and has either given them an advantage or has saved them in multiple situations throughout their time together. Despite everything that Stiles has been through, he still shows no obvious signs of wanting to become a Werewolf, preferring to maintain his humanity and use his non-supernatural gifts to help the pack protect their hometown.

Stiles Stilinski 9px5hw
Father's Name: Noah Stilinski
Age: 52
Species: Human
Occupation: Sheriff of Beacon Hills
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Claudia Stilinski ( nee Gajos )
Age: 41 ( at death )
Species: Human
Occupation: Unknown
Status:  Deceased

Younger Sister's Name: Natalie Stilinski
Age: 15
Species: Human
Occupation: High School Student ( Sophomore )
Status: Living

Stiles Stilinski 4u6ssp
General History:
Little is known about Stiles' early life. He was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at some point in his childhood and was prescribed Adderall to treat it. As a young child, Stiles' mother Claudia was stricken with frontotemporal dementia, and eventually died of the disease sometime between 2003 and 2004 while Stiles stood alone at her bedside, since Sheriff was at work. During her illness, Claudia suffered such horrifying delusions that she was under the impression that Stiles was trying to kill her despite the fact that he was only a child worried about his mother. According to the repressed memory Stiles experienced in a flashback due to reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack, Claudia even attacked Stiles due to her dementia causing her to develop a very strong case of paranoia and dissociation.

Claudia ultimately died in the hospital when young Stiles was visiting with her, and he had to deal with her loss all by himself because his father had stayed late at work to comfort a woman who was dying after being involved in a terrible car accident. ) At Claudia's funeral, Sheriff saw how badly Stiles was mourning his mother's death and assured him that he still had him, and their mutual loss caused Stiles to become incredibly close to Sheriff Stilinski to help each other get through Claudia's death together. Afterward, Stiles began to experience anxiety attacks and bouts of sleepwalking, though he eventually grew out of it for a time. He also seemed to be aware of his father's affinity for whiskey, which occasionally went too far, to the point where Sheriff was asked by his fellow employees to cut down on his drinking. This was evidenced by when Stiles defended his father against Special Agent Rafael McCall's insinuations that Sheriff had relapsed.

Stiles was first introduced as a curious, hyperactive, and sarcastic high school student whose decision to go out looking for a dead body in the woods led to him getting caught by his father, the Sheriff of Beacon County, and also led to his best friend Scott getting bitten by a werewolf. From then on, Stiles has continued getting involved in the supernatural world despite having no powers of his own, doing his best to support his best friend and their growing pack while protecting the town from supernatural influences.

By the end of Season 1, he became a hero in his own right by saving Lydia Martin from then-Alpha Peter Hale, and though he was offered the bite, he ultimately declined because he had no interest in being like Peter, no matter how tempted he was to have supernatural abilities of his own. Due to his knowledge of the law and investigations as a result of being the son of a police officer, Stiles takes great satisfaction in following the clues to lead him to supernatural threats such as the Kanima, the Alpha Pack, and the Darach.

In the second half of the season, Stiles was possessed by Dark Kitsune known as the Nogitsune, which caused him to commit several crimes that led to dozens of people getting hurt or killed, something that still causes Stiles immense guilt to this day. Once the Nogitsune was been defeated, Stiles turned his attention back to investigations to take his mind off of it, and began to look into the supernatural hit-list known as the Deadpool that caught his attention while also searching for the biological mother of his fellow packmate and girlfriend, Malia Tate, who is an assassin known only as the Desert Wolf.

Family Background:
The Stilinski Family is a well-known family in Teen Wolf. They are the paternal members of Stiles's family, including his father, Noah, and his grandfather, Elias; their last name, Stilinski, is how its male members got the nickname "Stiles." They appear to be a family of public servants, as many of its members, such as Elias and Noah, have served in the military, and Noah is also a police officer and Sheriff of Beacon County.

For most of the last decade, the family has consisted solely of Stiles and Noah, as Noah and his father Elias have been estranged for a long time, and Claudia, the wife of Noah and mother of Stiles, died of complications from frontotemporal dementia when Stiles was a young child. Ever since her death, Stiles and Noah have had a profoundly close bond, as they recognize that they are all the family the other has left. This bond is so strong that Stiles even sacrificed himself in a suicide ritual in an attempt to save Noah from the Darach.

Stiles Stilinski 6fobvb
Friends: Scott Mccall, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate
Enemies: Theo Raeken


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Post by Grayson Cavanaugh on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:56 pm


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