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Some new threads would be fun

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Some new threads would be fun Empty Some new threads would be fun

Post by Bonnie Bennett on Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:21 am

I have currently on site 5 chars. So here is the info about them. If you click on App there then it will lead you to do their application.

Bonnie Bennett
Witch | 25 | Mystic Falls | Currently Single | App
Bonnie is a witch who has always been there for her friends. She has even helped out a couple of times even werewolves and vampires. She even had died few times and came back from it. So she has been through a lot for sure. She now tries to enjoy her life as being alive once again. She has some friends already from past and she doesn't mind getting some new ones. Also for sure, she has made over years some enemies too. She has dated with boys in past but right now she is single.

Davina Claire
Witch | 19 | New Orleans | Currently Single | App
Davina life hasn't been that easy as it might seem. She has been through a lot too. She was supposed to be dead even right now according few things in her life but she actually didn't die then. She has hidden in shadows until now. She wants to let people know she is still alive. She will need everything basically even if she has feelings for her old love, who she assumes is dead too. She won't say no to new friends for sure. Also, I'm sure even she has few enemies.

Brooklyn Levesque
Werewolf | 17 | Mystic Falls | Single | App
She didn't have a good life growing up. Her parents didn't pay new much attention to her. She was born in a big city called New York but she has lived in other cities too for sure. She just got sick of all that moving around so she came here to Mystic Falls to live with her grandma. Also, there is one hidden reason for it. She might have killed someone so her werewolf side is here now. Anyways she will need friends, enemies and even love life for herself.

Carmen Santiago
Demon | 18   | Mystic Falls | Single | App
Carmen is someone who has never known her mother since she died few after she was born. Her father never cared enough to raise the girl back then. So she was raised by her grandma but who passed away a few months back. So that makes her father be her guardian now but she lets her do what she wants. It's the reason also why Carmen moved to Mystic Falls. Anyways she will need everything: friends, enemies and lovers.

Delaney Mistholm
Human/Citizen | 19 | New Orleans | Single | App
She is someone who has lost her parents because of fire when she was a young kid. Over years she became very bitchy for sure. She just didn't  let her get very close to her anyone for sure. She just tries to hide her pain away. She just doesn't trust anyone anymore and that's why she doesn't let anyone close to her and is rude because of it. She will need everything eventually: friends, enemies and even lovers. There could be someone who can help her maybe even to stop her being so bitchy or get knows the real Del.
Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Bennett

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