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Bonnie Bennett

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Bonnie Bennett

Post by Bonnie Bennett on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:06 am

Full Name: Bonnie Sheila Bennett
Nicknames: Bon, Bon Bon and many others.
Age: 25
Hometown: Mystic Falls
Current Residences: Mystic Falls
Species: Witches
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Unempoyment currently

Hair Color: Dark Brown or then Soft Black
Hair Style: Short and straight now.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'2"
Other Distinguishing Features: She has her ears pierced once for sure.
Clothing Style: Her fashion sense or style is described as being gipsy chic with a bit of a hippie trend and she dresses in a casual manner with nice tops and jeans, but on special occasions, she will dress up in trendier and fancier clothing.

Bonnie is friendly and kind young woman. She has always been there her friends when they needed her help. She is very helpful. She helps her friends out from very difficult situations with her magic. She is brave one also too and is always willing to take risks in her life. She even ends up in very difficult situations for sure. Over years she becomes more and braver one for sure. Actually, she is smart one too but even if at times she still does stupid things for her friends. That's just who she is.

Father's Name: Rudy Hopkins
Age: 41
Species: Human
Occupation: Mayor of Mystic Falls (Formerly)
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Abby Bennett Wilson
Age: 38/45
Species: Vampire (used to be Witch)
Occupation: not known.
Status: Undead

Other Key Member's Name: Sheila Bennett
Age: 60+
Species: Witch
Occupation: Occult Studies Professor (Formerly) & Member of The Spirits (Formerly)
Status: Deceased

General History: Bonnie has lived with her grandma Sheila most of her life. When she is 16 then weird things began to happen around her for sure. She began to use the magic but at first, she doesn't understand it for sure. When her gramps finally introduces herself all that then she does. At first she doesn't use it that much but later on, she began to use it to save her friends and help them out.

The magic leads her to all sort of experiences. She even saves people from death few times. She helps vampires even walk under the sun with a magic item like rings. She even experiences herself death. But eventually comes back from it. There have been so many different adventures for sure. Some are good and some are not. Her life ever since she was 16 has never been the same one for sure.

Family Background: Her mother side of the family has witch blood in them. Bennet family is know to be Witch family already for centuries. The line goes back very far and some point of Bonnie's life she even got help from them. And then there isn't much know about her father family. Her father used to be Major. Hopkins is then probably quite know family too.

Friends: Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Matt Donavon, Tyler Lockwood
Frenemies: Damon Salvatore, Mary Louise
Boyfriends/Girlfriends: Jeremy Gilbert (Ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Katherine Pierce, Kol Mikelson, Klaus Mikaelson
Bonnie Bennett

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Re: Bonnie Bennett

Post by Tyler Lockwood on Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:26 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

created by &gin in a jigger- at shadowplay and shine.
Tyler Lockwood

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