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Zoe Benson

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Zoe Benson Empty Zoe Benson

Post by Zoe Benson on Tue May 23, 2017 7:11 pm

Zoe Renee Benson
 21 / Witch  / Waitress at The Mystic Grill

Zoe Benson Nvbg3b
Hometown: Florida
Current Residences: Mystic Falls ( left New Orleans )
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Zoe Benson 20jiz9i
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Hair Style: Chest Long Straight Blonde Hair
Eye Color: Caramel Eyes
Body Type: Slim and Althetic Built
Height: 5.4
Other Distinguishing Features: Nope
Clothing Style: Casual

Zoe Benson 2lcutqr
Zoe had been in many ways described as someone who was quiet, shy, and could never be cool under pressure. But when expected her she could be a leader which was displayed when she had to take control of a coven, while suffering an attack from Marie Leveau's zombie attack. Zoe also is for the most part honest about how she feels, and cares about most people in her life and would do anything for them. And as years went on since she had done the Seven Wonders, Zoe had in many ways changed quite a bit.

She in many ways has grown up more from what she had been and tends to be someone who takes charge of anything. Having in many ways tried her best to start over. Zoe also has been dealing with her own responsibility's, as she has tried to make peace with most people and tends to fight for what she believes in, but she still is rather shy. Once Zoe had left New Orleans, she had found out that she had been expecting, so her life has in many ways been focused on trying to do what was right. Despite still being the girl who was in the coven, but with a more harder shell.

Zoe is also one who does not like sad things bother her much anymore, and when it comes to people dying. The girl is in many ways, not one to let it bother her, despite having been one who would cry before. She also has managed to let her life go in New Orleans and has decided to start over. Which has strongly contributed to why she is a rather more outspoken person, but not one to let her guard down easily.

She has in many ways grown up.

Zoe Benson 9px5hw
Father's Name: George Benson
Age: 55
Species: Human
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Nora Benson
Age: 54
Species: Human ( Witch Descent )
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Zachary Benson
Age: 22
Species: Witch
Occupation: Bartender
Status: Living

Son's Name: Jonas Conor Benson
Age: 8 months old
Species: Human
Status: Living

Family Background:
Not much is known about the Benson family except that they extend from a line of witches from Salem. Has in many ways been passed down to some generations, and the witch gene is something that is generational or a random occurrence. The family though for the most part is a human family with two witches for children. Although otherwise not much is known about the history of the family.

Zoe Benson 4u6ssp
Zoe grew up in Florida with both her parents and older brother Zach, and had, for the most part, lived a decent life. Despite having been rather quiet and reserved, the girl's life was not that bad. Despite having secretly been a witch without knowing it, something that her older brother knew for most of his life, unlike Zoe who found out the hard way. Zoe had spent much of her life doing her own thing but had a decent amount of friends. When it came to her schooling, she had decent grades, but not over the top super smart.

As years went on Zoe had soon become a teenager, which would end up being the time where her life had fallen apart. When she had turned seventeen, and when she planned to lose her virginity, she had ended up killing her boyfriend accidentally. Which resulted in her being taken to Miss Robichaux Academy for Exceptional Ladies, where she would end up leaving her family and her mother had in many ways been sad, despite not showing. Her older brother though had remained in Florida but had at one point left and decided to go around the country. Where she would not end up seeing her until two years after she was sent to New Orleans, but besides that, her life had the coven had been far from normal.

The ways that her life had been far from normal, was that she had the first night been in New Orleans, had ended up going to a party where she would end up meeting a guy who she thought she loved, aside from that while she was a party she had lost track of Madison who had kind of been her first friend while at the Coven, but would end up being her frienemy. The party ended in her friend being raped which ended up killing Kyle when Madison had flipped the bus. The day after Zoe had gone to the hospital of one of the victims where she ended up killing one of the ringleaders who raped Madison.

Which had been repaid with Madison bringing Kyle back for Zoe, whom she thought she had wanted to be with. But would find out a year or so later her heart had laid with someone else. The time had the coven for Zoe had been eventful as she had dealt with the bad rule of her headmistress mother who had in many ways brought the coven down. Despite having said otherwise, but most of her time was spent with the idea of finding a new supreme after having been through plenty of events.

Once the new supreme had been chosen, Zoe life had begun to become slowly normal. As the new supreme was her headmistress, she had ended up becoming part of the witches council. The three years after that, her life has been quite interesting as she had decided to call things off with Kyle, and had ended up making some decisions. Zoe had also gain control of her power, and in many ways is able to have safe intercourse. But she does not do it much, as she tends to focus on more things, but her life had took a turn.

When she turned twenty only to found out that she had been expecting, and the father had been someone she had met while she was in New Orleans, after she had dated Kyle. Once Zoe had her son, she had decided to leave New Orleans, as she wanted her son to grow up in a safer atmosphere, and had gotten her brother to get her a place in Mystic Falls, but had in many ways left something unsaid back in New Orleans, especially with not telling her ex-boyfriend that he had been the father of a kid, and had left on a pretty bad note with Kyle.

Leading Zoe to in many ways attempting to start over in Mystic Falls.

darren criss. @ shine
Zoe Benson
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Zoe Benson Empty Re: Zoe Benson

Post by Katie Une on Tue May 23, 2017 10:49 pm


Congratulations you have been accepted. Check out the following links if you haven't done so already.

created by &gin in a jigger- at shadowplay and shine.
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